What’s it all about?

Our goal with exercise is to help you feel better, physically and mentally. You won’t find a hard-core boot camp or drill sergeant here. Instead, you’ll find a caring, experienced and certified senior fitness professional leading you in exercises that you’ll actually enjoy and benefit from. And it’s all from the safety, comfort and convenience of your home! We have a regular schedule of live online classes; and also a variety of on-demand classes which are available to you 24/7.

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Stay safe

Exercise online in the safety, comfort and privacy of your home, or when away from home


No fancy equipment or gym membership needed


Feel better, have more energy, reduce pain and get healthier

Classes Available 24/7

Choose from 10 to 30 minute classes for the time that works for you

Unlimited access to online classes

Exercise in the comfort and privacy of your home, hotel or office with our online exercise classes. Enjoy LIVE online classes, and also classes that are available on-demand 24/7. With your membership you can exercise when and where it’s convenient for you. 

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Member Area

  • It's so convenient to be able to exercise at home! Thanks to your online classes, I can exercise and still care for my husband. In fact, we both do it together!
    Shirley, 68
  • I am four months out of knee replacement, and this class has helped my balance and flexibility. It’s done a lot for my mobility. It’s made a big difference. I truly enjoy it, because I won’t do it on my own!
    Rosa, 60
  • When you move your muscles, you get relief and it helps you be more limber and active. I’ve really enjoyed it. I feel like it’s bringing me back alive again!
    Geraldine, 72
  • This class helps my range of motion in my shoulders, a big problem for me. But it doesn’t over-do me. The class respects my limits and what I can do. It’s just challenging enough, just the right amount for a 70-year-old. I can sleep better now, with less pain in my neck and shoulders. And it’s fun! This class keeps you on track.
    Doris, 70
  • It is a great way to start the day – I feel limbered up and energized. Really appreciate your excellent instructions and cheerful attitude. Thanks so much!
    – Shelly, 65
  • Your class has helped me maintain a healthy weight to lower A1C. As a retiree, the class has helped me mentally and physically.
    Betsy, 66
  • Your class has helped my stamina and energy. Your exercises are not too overbearing for my age. I like the variety of moves you teach.
    Jerry, 81
  • Your class is wonderful! Thanks! I especially enjoy the great variety you add to the various exercises. I feel energized after the class.
    Mary, 75